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Pure & Plated Silver

Silver has traditionally been used in the Indo-Pakistan sub continent in many forms and shapes, for its intrinsic value as a precious metal.

Since hundreds of years, silver has adorned women, in the shape of jewelry, be it a bangle, armlet or anklet. It has also found use as decorative pieces around the home.

The art of creating silverware and jewelry entirely by hand has been practiced by generations of Pakistani craftsmen since the sixteenth century, especially gaining impetus during the Moghul Period.

As a separate arm of Zahid associates, under the supervision of an experienced designer, we have adapted this art and designed various pieces of jewelry to suit modern taste. Each item is painstakingly handcrafted.

Our silverwares are practical items which will appeal to a large variety of taste.

Silver used in our products is guaranteed to be of 94% purity

Pure Silver Jewelry

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We offer a wide selection of Corporate gift items, from printed balloons and wooden ball pens, to high value pure leather desk sets and accessories, each with your Company logo.

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